February 23, 2018

Governance is one key to effective organizational performance. But this is undermined if bribery exists within an organization, whether its personnel are the givers or recipients. Bribery weakens the moral fiber of persons and of organizations. Institutions become ineffective in serving the needs and expectations of their stakeholders. Eventually, without the trust and confidence of stakeholders, they lose their credibility. The damaging impacts of bribery on people, society and economy are widespread.

Combatting bribery however needs a tool. To contribute to worldwide efforts waged by organizations, global and national, ISO 37001 was published by the International Organization for Standardization. This international standard on anti-bribery management system offers good practices that organizations can adopt to prevent, detect and respond to bribery. This multi-pronged system involves various levels and functions in organizations.

Top level management officers, compliance managers, regulatory authorities, consultants, ISO management representatives will find ISO 37001 a relevant reference for strengthening anti-bribery systems in their organizations as part of their overall risk management.

CIP’s training seminar imparts understanding of the requirements of ISO 37001 and how organizations can plan, implement, evaluate and continually improve the anti-bribery management system they establish.

Seminar schedule: April 5, 2018
Fee: 5, 500 +VAT
For inquiries and reservations please email: SARAH – [email protected]