Aside from manpower, energy has been the backbone of operation for all businesses regardless of its size and nature. All businesses rely heavily on energy to provide power in their respective operations. On a nationwide scale, as per the Department of Energy (DOE), the Philippines is always heading to severe energy crisis specifically every summer of every year due to higher energy demands compare to lesser energy supply. Specified by the facts, charges on energy generation, distribution, and transmission becomes very high resulting to enormous and expensive OPEX.

To help businesses in reducing their operational expenses on energy consumption, and to help the country in addressing energy scarcity, Certification International Philippines would like to introduce ISO 50001 – Energy Management System. A list of ISO 50001 benefits includes:

1. Systematic identification of the SEUs – Significant Energy Users.

2. Efficient and detailed energy baselining, monitoring, and analysis for continual improvement in managing energy consumption.

3. Provides awareness along with the establishment of energy policy aiming to direct people in efficient use of energy.

4. Establishment of guidelines and procedures that will contribute to the structure for mitigating and addressing risks pertaining to energy supply and cost.

5. Generate energy efficiency programs that could enable significant energy savings, increase profitability, and could prevent anomalies or incidents that could cause energy waste.